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sylsicien 12/27/2004

Fostex FD-4 : sylsicien's user review


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Digital 4-track 16-bit 44.1 khz
2-track line level, 2-track line level or microphone
channels 3 and 4 teams of jack or XLR microphone amplifier and a three position (recording level more or less strong and it's convenient)
3-band EQ per channel (HI shelving. MED semi parametric, shelving LOW)
An insert on channels 3 and 4
2 dparts / aux returns
midi in, midi out, data in data out
1 between STREO (2 cinch L and R) to record the analog
1 pedal input fostex 8051 dclencher to punch in and punch out or even looping
1 x stereo L and R, 1 L and R monitor output that can route
either stereo or monitor, or both
1 headphone
Taken to a scsi to add an external SCSI hard drive that I urge
mine is equipped with a 230-MB SyQuest that allows 42 minutes of recording and is not
(4 tracks are 5 min 20 min)
sync to MTC, MMC, respectively (midi timecode) (MIDI Machine Control)
you can record two tracks simultaneously and play 4
ping pong is accept (tracks 1 2 3. they are referring to the 4. Track 1 and 2 are plotted on the track and then a 3 and 2) that ultimately did 7 tracks registered.
2 additional tracks can be carried forward to the 4-track trails STREO
audio editing is non destructive and provides functions to copy and paste, dplacer paste, delete ect ...
a test function "preview" is to listen to before permetre edit
A metronome is also recording


The routing and mixing functions are recording rather simple and intuitive
the audio edition is not very intuitive but the manual (97 pages in good franais)
is explicit and if the beginners were not flme to open it comes out easily


Decision of his that I do with this multitrack are not worse than those I could do with my computer when j'tais in 16/44.1.
respects the dynamics is not his color particuliaire
the equalization is effective


I bought some APRS leaving
I did not have the computer era and he made many services
Today, I no longer useful and as I only studio I spare.
report quality price of this machine now seems interesting
seen that at the time I paid over 4000 frs
but I highly recommend an external SCSI hard drive