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MGR/Brian 12/06/2001

Fostex FD-4 : MGR/Brian's user review

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$600 (not including the media drive which is not included, I chose a 1 G Jaz drive)

Digital recording is wonderful, even if its only four tracks. 4 track tape recorders can bleed across tracks, get worn down, etc. This, your imagination is the limit for number of tracks
Sound quality is adjustable, it has cutting, pasting, editing, autorecord, enough features to put together a well-polished demoj project.

Difficult at first to master
You can't just sit down and press some "Record" button and go to town
You have to do some reading first
Once I read some of the instructions it isn't horribly hard, but takes some effort.
It doesn't come with internal storage so be sure to factor in the cost of a removable storage drive like a Zip or Jaz
(I recommend a Zip 250. Certain features are only available with larger disks)
Also keep in mind once you digitally combine two digital tracks it frees up a track but you can't go back!


The Fostex FD-4 is one of the most reasonably priced Digital 4 tracks available. The sound quality is impressive, but it takes a little work to get to know the machine

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