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gregzerozero 05/03/2012

Fostex MR-8 HD/CD : gregzerozero's user review

«  Nickel for a small group »

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4 simultaneous tracks recorder with hard disk drive.
Base effects (reverb and distortion).

see manufacturer website for more info


I must say that everything is really very simple and intuitive. I zoom therefore R8 last gérération, compact, multi effects and everything but two tracks, it was just too much. Here with four tracks and reverb is a nickel to record a demo


Well above the zoom R8. There are ways to make a really good demo with.
Is used with output mixer for vocals and drums, a microphone in front of a speaker output and lead guitar line out of the bass amp. The result is very professional. I find the reverb really excellent, as well as the lexicon built at my table soundcraft.

I never used the drive and I do not understand too well the value ... I finally I guess is it for someone


A bit large and heavy but has side AC, the quality is forgotten the rest.