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G@for3 12/24/2007

Fostex MR-8 HD/CD : G@for3's user review


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Trs intrssant: rcuperer possibility of USB tracks recorded in the device. A big plus for those who are working their tracks APRS recording.
Possibility also released a CD-pr mix in minutes.

4 tracks simultaneously recording a big plus for this award.


Gnrale configuration and use simple enough for the connoisseur.
The nophyte will dconcert the manual and the many functions available.
No manual "true" 'french, but for the connoisseur the grip is comfortable (for hours) the first complete mixes raliss the day after purchase.

Those who know the basics of the acquisition and mixing audio will not be lost, this apareil is designed as a "real" mini-studio, a handheld console ...


Converters Fidler, little breath. Effects Intgr gadget, I personal password.
The dynamic condition is respected in many signal conditioning (pramplis and effects of good quality.


I use the CD for MR8 HD 8 months to record rptitions and concerts.
This device is a marvel: easy to carry, more than enough memory, possibility of eregistrer 4 tracks simultaneously and mix them in a few seconds (one more repeat), made excellent for this price range.
The effects are gadgets (distortion, noise, dynamic shit ...)
I recorded on a PC before and I will not change for anything.
DSIR for the musician who recorded his compositions, for groups who want to make a dmo recouter or repeat or concerts, this device is IDAL.

A recommended for those who want good sound at a price affordable enough.