MGR/Daryl Rapp 09/14/2005

Fostex MR-8 HD : MGR/Daryl Rapp's user review

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I've been playing guitar, bass, keys and harmonica for probably 20 odd years and have been writing songs and lyrics for just as long. I think there are two types of players, ones that can sit down and play a lick from every song you've ever heard of - and the other crowd with whom I associate - the song writers. Nothing impresses me more than someone who can compose, arrange and perform their own brand of music.

Paid $400 online for this unit. I was looking for something portable to take up in the mountains to camp with me when I go on one of my songwriting weekends. I wanted something with a decent sized hard drive (this unit has a 40GB drive), but didn't need a built in CD burner as I do most of my final mixdown and mastering on my PC at home.

The recording quality is very good for a unit in this price range. The Fostex MR8HD provides a USB and S/PDIF port so it's very easy to digitally master or transfer files between this unit and your PC. The twin headphones out are helpful, especially when working with someone in tandem.

The guitar amp and microphone simulations are basically an afterthought. In no way do they compete with the COSM simulations from Boss or the work that Line 6 has done with the POD series.

First rate. I've always admired Fostex's quality and attention to detail and I am impressed with this unit.

Overall, for 400 bucks it's a decent unit with just the right amount of functionality for me. I can't complain.

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