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MGR/Corban 10/31/2001

Fostex VF08 : MGR/Corban's user review

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I bought this at Long & McQuade music for $900 Canadian, which is about $600 USD. I got it to record myself and other musician friends of mine, in my bedroom studio.

It sounds amazing. It's got two XLR mic inputs. For the price, this is the best entry-level quality stand-alone digital workstation on the market. Much better than the Boss BR-8. For one, there's better audio-digital converters. Two, you've got 10 Gigs of space, enough for hours of recording, while the Boss only has a 100 MB zip disk, you can record one 5 min song if you're careful. Three, from what I've heard the effects are way better. The Boss has COSM amp modelling, which the Fostex lacks, but other than that I think in terms of internal processing and stuff, the Fostex is way better. It sounds great, you can cut and paste, bounce trackes with no degradation and everything. It's even got a built-in feature that will eliminate specific pan positions from a mix, like a karaoke machine, so you can download songs and sing along, or play along. Very good quality piece of machinery. Easy to use.

It could use more inputs so you could record a band. As it is, you can only record two things at once. Unfortunate, but if you want to upgrade to equipment that can do that, you're talking about a significant increase in price bracket.

Solidly made. I guess we'll see in a couple of years how it's stood up. It seems to be decent quality, though. It's really small, which makes things really convenient.

Best bang for the buck. If you're getting into recording, this is the way to go, unless you've got the money to get a quality computer, or you've already got one. I might move to a laptop much later in life, but I don't have one now, and I need something that's portable, so a stand-alone seemed to be the way to go. My advice: go for it.

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