Korg D-1200 MKII
MGR/I Love Korg! 12/05/2003

Korg D-1200 MKII : MGR/I Love Korg!'s user review

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I bought my D1200 mkII from Musican's Friend (www.musiciansfriend.com) for $999.99. I have been playing music for many years, and when I became interested in setting up a fairly small and simple home studio, I started looking around for 10 or 12 track digital recorders. I got a feeling for what the different products within my price range (up to $1000) were like and, simply put, the Korg was just the best.

There's so much to like about this unit. Some of the main features are: 16 bit/12 track recording or 24 bit/6 track recording modes, 4 track simultaneous recording, 40 GB hard-disk, a HUGE number of effects and modeling features, etc. You can just visit their website (korg.com) for the full specs. It should also be noted that the D1200 mkII has a bunch of fairly advanced editing features as well such as waveform editing. The sound quality is amazing, the unit is extremely easy to use, and it has a built in CD burner + a USB connector to export files to a computer.

Nothing. Literally, for $1,000 there is no better digital recording unit that you can buy.

It seems extremely well constructed, fortunately I have never had the opportunity to find out whether or not it would hold up to being dropped, stepped on, etc. The controls are placed very intuitively (if you can operate a CD player you should have no trouble with this) and moving parts such as the volume sliders move smoothly and firmly.

In short, the D1200 mkII is an amazing product, full of great features, with an extremely low price for a high quality professional digital recorder. If I somehow lost mine or if it were broken I would buy another in an instant.

Thoroughly Satisfied!

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