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Roland VS-1680
Roland VS-1680

Digital Multrack-studio from Roland belonging to the VS series

Thread Which cables do I need to go from a mixer to a stereo box and which outputs do I use?

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1 Which cables do I need to go from a mixer to a stereo box and which outputs do I use?
My mixer (roland vs-1680) only has RCA outputs. Which cables do I need to go from the output on the mixer to a stereo box? Can I also go from the RCA outputs to a box with only a jack input?

I also noticed that there are different kind of RCA ouputs. Master, monitor, aux A and aux B. What is the difference between them and which should I use?

I hope someone can help me, it's a little confusing with all the different inputs, outputs and cables. If you need any more information, please let me know :)
Hi there
if your mixer has only RCA outputs, choose the master fader if you are wanting to send the whole mix through your stereo box into speakers. These cables should help.

These are RCA L+R to Mini Jack, though im sure you could also pick up an adapter for the jack also if you need a 1/4" jack.

Thats my idea, though i dont use a stereo box so im sorry if it doesnt help you out.


Steve Skies @ Sirius Sound Studios. 



Correct answer....
Or you can make them your self.


Aux a and b are normally used for driving external effect devices or.... Driving personal stage monitors.

Master is used to send your complete mix to a recorder, audio interface or speakers.

Monitor can drive a dedicated speaker... Or something else.

Basically they are all line signals and the names make it easy to use / recognize them and which button / knob controls that output.

- Angelie

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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