Roland VS-1880
Roland VS-1880

VS-1880, Digital Multrack-studio from Roland in the VS series.

nicozik38 05/04/2007

Roland VS-1880 : nicozik38's user review


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24bit 48kHz digital multitrack 44.1 18 tracks + equalizer + digital onboard effects settings for each track.
8 analog inputs: 2 XLR (48V) 6 Jack,
8 analog outputs scinch,
2 numriques between outputs (SPDIF and optical)
Headphone Output (Jack)
Record 8 tracks simultaneously.
Internal Hard Disk Drive 6 GB partition.
Between MIDI
SCSI port for connecting external hard drive or burner.


Very easy to use with the principle of "everything under the fingers", convenient to save time.
Control panel to very clear to view the tracks live, you can easily edit as precise, based automation to the mix.
Numerous possibilities for monitoring, and finally mastering this possibility is very important for the level of the CD.
Full manual, but sometimes not very clear, but good once you understand the logic Roland, we hardly need the manual!


Very good quality preamp for a semi-pro, a very good converstion with 0 latency, which is most important to record (unlike some sound cards adding a little faster processor!).
This device has a true analog sound which is quite surprising.
The effects are good quality (reverb, delay, chorus, compressor, multi-effects guitar, pitch, compression, etc. ..) and ls EQs that are quite precise and are available for each individual tracks.

In the end it was a mix of good quality and especially good DEFINITIONS notament good momentum in the lower.

Do not even count when competing with a real studio for the dynamics and precision, but it's enough to make the semi-pro. Dpend after all of the quality of the catch.


I have been using 10aine of years but I have not found better in this type of product at the sonoritsauf VS 2480 but it is not the same price).
It ma 'used in home studio, live-action and by the time table as to mix.

I now work in a professional studio with Pro Tools HD 7 and big Anlo Euphonix console, but this tool thanks I started the beginnings of his, and he has given great satisfaction (I am not short will not do the nostalgia!).

I would do without hsiter this choice, even if the price (when I bought a little silent lev