Roland VS-1880
Roland VS-1880

VS-1880, Digital Multrack-studio from Roland in the VS series.

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17mllsCDvendus 08/30/2002

Roland VS-1880 : 17mllsCDvendus's user review


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Connectors: Analog 8 - asymtriques 2 / 6 jacks / jack a high impdance for guitar & bass direct, with no internal effects have djas can make a sound! This replaces between 8 when industry.
I / O numriques: optical & coaxial SPDIF, wants to have as routable (Almost)!
Sinch between stro: For A & B, routable.
Sinch Stereo Outputs: Master & Monitor
Stereo output jack: Headphones
Midi: In, Out / Thru

The chantillonage is done in 32/44, 1 and 48 kHz, 24 bits.

Support internal HD with SERIES 6GB, possible up to 8GB (Score in ... x1 or 2GB). 7 HD cascading possible via SCSI.

All indispenssables synchros are available (3 or 4), and parramtrables.

18 tracks is a vritable read (16 if the tracks are used for the 17/18 mastering with the drive in optional SCSI) / 8 simultaneous recording.


The device is simple plutt that complex if one wants to use the bottom, with the usual major functions - they are many dja - fall under the fingers!
The usual functions are all shortcuts must prvoir for some hands and 3 or 4 fingers!
As the manual is comprehensive but badly screwed trs. Vraimment must be read to leave nothing to spend ...


The converters are so good that the machine will ring analogue plutt right, but extremely good quality, it has the sound!
Although the vibrant trs is good, be careful - Especially the recording - and do not abuse levels rise too high, even when ca saturates rather quickly. Despite this margin is enough to get what you want.
The effects are trs professionals and complements parameter. Their quality is not inferior to the racks honreux utiliss good studios. In addition, the panel offered my opinion covers all applications and all styles!
The machine is sold with a card SERIES Indeed, it is essential to afford the deuxime! That means 4 effects simultaneously stro with some restrictions on the effects of insert. This is the bare minimum to work and get a comfortable rsultat vraimment tweaked ... Especially with such effects may have "make a sound" and save with.


Few months, who have enough to realize the great potential of bte ...
This is an ultra comprehensive, excellent quality and allows gnrale srieusement to make a record at home of A Z - A condition of being well quip in instruments and micro (s) of quality that go without saying - and get a rsultat vraimment PRO! Provided information to use it well, and to work mixing and arrangement worthy of the name.
There is nothing to throw, and it's rare even for devices in this range!
I had to make real pros - Hear by true connoisseurs - for his purchase, he said that my all in the similar range of other manufacturers, no one sounds like it - and yet some of its most Chres.
Euros/17000 2600 francs for such a machine - With two cards effects and RW writer - I find that it is not carrment CHRE! And I have a good approach trs REPORTS qualitprix regarding the instruments and musical equipment.
If you have a project seriousness, the tools you need and the possibility to offer such a machine is not worth even rflchir, go ahead!