Roland VS-2480 CD
Roland VS-2480 CD

VS-2480 CD, Digital Multrack-studio from Roland in the VS series.

RickD 07/31/2008

Roland VS-2480 CD : RickD's user review


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- What connection types are there(analog, digital, MIDI)?
Too many to mention! Very complete though!
8 XLR in & 8 TRS jacks in, i think, plus high impedance in, 2 phones out with individual volume & monitoring volume too, TRS jacks out, digital in & out on optical and coax but no ADAT or AES/EBU (u need an expensive R-BUS option for that...bastards).

- what is the sampling rate (bits/kHz)?
I believe it goes up to 24/96. Check the manufacturer's site though.

- What storage format is used (ZIP, MiniDisc, hard disc...)?
Hard drive (80 GB) with CD burner, can be altered to DVD burner for 50 € if u buy the right one (check forums for info, great forum!).

- What types of synchronization are supported?
I think it does MTC, Wordclock, MIDI & spdif or something like that. Maybe more, not sure.

- How many tracks can be recorded/read simulaneously?...
16 tracks written, 24 read.


- Is the general configuration/setup simple?
I had the VS-1680 before and expected to know how to use this. Well i don't...

- Are the typical functions easily accessible?
You need some time with the manual, but default set up lets u record right away.

- Is the manual clear and sufficient?...
Clear manual, yeah, just a complex machine...very powerful.


- Are the A/D and D/A convertors transparent?
Sound ok to me but the preamps are a bit light.

- are the effects and filtres good?
The effects are real good, and you can get VS plug-ins too, that sound even better.
Very usable.

- Are the dynamics respected?...
Yep, all good there.


- For how long have you been using it?
A few months.

- What thing do you like most/least about it?
It's not a pc.
It's stable.
It's complete.
It works.
It has NO LATENCY, folks. HEAR THAT YOU PC LOVERS? NO LATENCY. Yep, go find yourself a pc that can do that & give me a ring. Haha. ;-)

- Did you try many other models before getting this one?
Had a 4 track cassette, then 8 track cassette, then 16 track digital.
Tried PC software and hated it. This thing actually records.

- What is your opinion about the value for the price?
The European price is a scandal (4500 € ? Go to H*LL!). So i imported this from the US, where even with customs fees & VAT it's WAAAAYYYY cheaper. I paid 3000 $, with some added stuff thrown in. Altogether was half price.

Go find 16 preamps, 48 compressors, 48 EQs, all those effects, at least 20 converters...and a zero latency PC for that money.
Oh, and don't forget to buy a MIDI control surface with motorised faders...


- Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?...
Of course i would. This works with Pro Tools, the very cheap Reaper software, with can import your tracks into your pc easily...or you can just do everything in the box.