Roland VS-2480 CD
Roland VS-2480 CD

VS-2480 CD, Digital Multrack-studio from Roland in the VS series.

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slidespirit 01/02/2005

Roland VS-2480 CD : slidespirit's user review


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For features, uh I just gnial voi not sure what it is missing from a USB output that would be really gnial, USB is present on the vs2000 c and for me not just a gadget but hey Other than that ... so gnial


Simply gnialisime! personally before I vs2480cd dabord had a 12 dps (lorreur absolute) and a trs WAS vs1824 dja well set apart for the editing trs ct or boring compared to Cubase or any other sequencer soft. BUT on the vs2480 c of pure bomb imperatively used with external Crant over a mouse and a keyboard and foot simply c, really gnial ...
the function and its easy to find several shortcuts that are really good ..

The manual is quite correct lacks a bit of example, and especially in terms of the routing section c nivo just a little explanation but ...


Nivo trs converter is for me hard to tell what I know the sound c Plai me really! may be missing some "width" but fits me quite. The effects are also quite good but it is fast enough clich the effect I think, nothing will replace a rack or other TC but hey c after a budget issue.


I use it for 6 months I buy for 2600 with two of OCCAZ card effect included. What I like the sound on number of input and output of the fader motorized use. I do not like the price of options (such as the meter band roland costs 1000 Mb 24 they do not care of our mouths)

nivo report quality price I think it is better if you buy it new as a 4500 hours the beast is not carément I shall now lay was half price and then the really unbeatable c (especially mine is still under warranty and fully nine amazing c) ...

I personally would do it 10 times this choice if it was needed more in the high-end multi-d c when not even the worst (the prim United States as the best multi) I have no reason to take another model, if I spare one day it will config to switch on a PC / MAC and even then I vs me because it can be used as a control surface configured (and after the manual and can have nothing to envy the Mackie Control ect ....)

vramient gnial a bit expensive but not really start functioning OCCAZ ahsit lol