Roland VS-840 EX
Roland VS-840 EX

VS-840 EX, Digital Multrack-studio from Roland in the VS series.

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Nrenier 12/23/2005

Roland VS-840 EX : Nrenier's user review


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5 input jacks (one HiZ), 2 coaxial inputs, midi in / out, coaxial and optical outputs numriques, headphone output, two analog coax ("master out" and "monitor"). There is also an outlet for pedals: practical to Get You Started recording when you are alone!

It's 44Khz. Beginners in a project, you can choose the quality of compression (4 levels of compression).

The Zip 250 is a support practice, but times are longer than ACCS disk drive, trs though impressive for such support. Sometimes there are some bugs passenger reading, never recording APRS my exprience.

It is quite easy with a plug squenceur / external computer via MIDI, and coaxial input jacks allow you to play the signal collection outdoor.

Playing 8-track simultaneous recording 4 tracks simultaneously during reading of 2 or 4 others (depending on compression). Unfortunately, there are only four mono tracks: tracks 5 / 6 and 7 / 8 are attached Stros.
If lack of space, the virtual tracks are very practical, for example to record a battery of 4 virtual tracks and then mix the two tracks on a stro.

We can, thanks a MIDI sync, add an external signal everything, mixable sparment read. So if you have a rhythm box is a bit like having 10 tracks!

Many effects are included, editable wishes. Indeed, the effects of guitars are pretty bad quality. For all that reverb and delay, there is the right thing.

The screen is small, but trs The definition is good and you can see just what is necessary. The menus are trs enjoyable and visual ...


When beginners, the button "Easy Routing" is an aid prcieuse: questions appear squentiellement the guts to rgler all possible parameters depending on the application desired.

In beginners, the grip is a little dlicate, but this machine organization trs INTERESTED because the "monitoring" (right) is the spare part " mix "(left). We can therefore make combinations INTERESTED trs, o the person registering does not sound the same as that rglages plays. Also, it can be rigorous in the signal routing, and many will grate o.
Once understood the logic, it is no longer a problem, and it never touches the button "Easy Routing," because everything is faster trs.

Also, there are buttons memory to recall routing configurations, and can therefore move quickly to a trs configuration "mixer" configuration "registration".

The big knob on the top right lets you navigate quickly trs, so we never use the buttons "rewind" and "forward"!

The functions are countless, but very easy to ACCS, and can do whatever you want.


There is no pramp for micro, it's a big problem. As a result, the signal of a dynamic microphone is quite small. Do not even think to connect a condenser microphone, there is no phantom power.

The converters seem honntes, but I'm not a great connoisseur.

The dynamic is not that great, especially since it is not clear if a track saturated: there are diodes "over" in between, but no way to know if it is "over" output.

Finally, even when I have beautiful recordings raliss with my group, without any help from pramps, computers, or collection outdoor effects.


I used five years, during a era o n'taient computers not powerful enough to afford to do the same thing. Trs use of this powerful multitrack is when the branch squenceur an external midi to aumgmenter the number of tracks.

- All functions
- Intelligent design
- 4 simultaneous input
- The zip, removable media, not too expensive to keep everything

- You can apply one patch effect both
- The dynamic, relatively small
- 4 mono tracks only

Today I have an Edirol FA101 and cubase, and the possibilities are unlimited. I do not use longer. on the other hand, if you are allergic to your computers is an all-in-one gniale!