Roland VS-840 EX
Roland VS-840 EX

VS-840 EX, Digital Multrack-studio from Roland in the VS series.

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MGR/Roland VS840 Sucks 04/30/2002

Roland VS-840 EX : MGR/Roland VS840 Sucks's user review

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zzounds $550

overall it sounds good

This thing is a logistical nightmare. I am not a stupid person, this machine is unnecessarliy complicated, quirky and the sales pitch is 90%lies. It's a 4 track with two mix down tracks and the hard drive is a total wuss, bleeping out "drive busy" half the time you try to play back all the tracks at once. They claim it's possible to record 200 songs on a disk. This could only be possible if you recorded 200 5 second songs completely live on to one track each song. If you are actually multitracking, which I assume is why anyone would buy the thing, You're lucky to get one fully developed song on one disk. These things are $16 a piece. I don't wish this substandard piece of garbage on anyone.


overrated piece of crap

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