Roland VS-880 EX
Roland VS-880 EX

VS-880 EX, Digital Multrack-studio from Roland in the VS series.

FP User 10/31/2008

Roland VS-880 EX : FP User's user review


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Best $400 ive ever spent and would of paid up to 800 for it. The only thing missing is XLR inputs, but 6 1/4" are cool



This is probably its lowest, its extremely hard to use (unless you have the bundled emagic software for it ). The manual is straight garbage, it was written for the most skilled and knowledgable engineer. Probably done so to make money off the video manual (Hey it suckered me into getting it)


Hey sounds are great, if you use a mic with no preamp it will sound like crap but you can doctor it up with the 2 effects that come installed with it, keep bouncing on over 128 virtual tracks and you have unlimited effects. (not like the 1880 and 2480 those effects cards cost 300 and thats on ebay, plus you would have to buy two) give me two of these bad boys for the price of the effect cards


Very very durable, have gigged with it for two years now, the only thing bending out of shape is my back, who wants a job as a roady. Customer service line is cool and they know there stuff, although it sounds like they're over there beating on something other than a set of v-drums hahaha

One of the most important pieces in my set up and im trying to get a second one

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