Roland VS-880 EX
Roland VS-880 EX

VS-880 EX, Digital Multrack-studio from Roland in the VS series.

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willem98 02/05/2005

Roland VS-880 EX : willem98's user review


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The VS880EX has 6 analog inputs (balanced jack 6.35) and 2 digital inputs (1 stereo optical fiber and a stereo SPDIF), this allows such record 8 channels at once, or play 8 tracks while mixing the 8 inputs (which may for example be played by a midi sequencer / audio synchronized MTC). <br><br>It has 4 recording modes (MASTER, MT1, MT2 and LIVE), MASTER is not compressed, LIVE is compressed to the maximum. In each mode you can save 32, 44 or 48 KHz with an accuracy of 20 bits. <br><br>The standard has VS880EX from one card to two effects processors, high quality: standard effects (reverb, delay, chorus, flanger) Guitar effects (phaser, distortion, compression, gate), voice effects (simulation micro, gate / enhancer / limiter), effects amp (amp simulators, equalizers). <br>In addition to these base effects may be used effects chains, simply stunning: for example, plug a dynamic mic and apply simple effects chained NoiseGate - Compressor - Limiter - Enhance - Equalizer, you&#39;re Freddy Mercury! <br><br>With the IDE hard drive 2 GB (standard, but mine to 4GB), there are a total of 350 minutes / track mode MASTER 48Khz and 1800 minutes / track mode LIVE 32 KHz. <br>The VS800EX has an external SCSI port to connect a Zip drive (standard), a hard drive (4 GB maximum accepted) or a CD (ROLAND). <br>Data backups are done on ZIP, CD-R or ADAT. <br><br>VS880EX the MTC can be master or slave, or may issue a MIDI clock signal either continuously or from a "tempo map" (for tracks with tempo changes in the score). In this case, the VS has a special track to save the Midi Sync signal. <br><br>The VS880EX records and plays 8 tracks simultaneously, with two runs and eight effect returns entries mixed in the same time. <br>The power of the VS is the fact that each track actually has 16 virtual tracks that can be manipulated at will, for example, do multiple takes. <br>It also has an auxiliary stereo bus with an auxiliary return track (it has a mix 2 8 8 1 19 mixer channels = channels).


Nu a fost mult criticat pentru accesul dificultate VS880 de bază. Dacă este adevărat că manualul este atât de simplist și nu foarte accesibil, trebuie să recunoaștem că inginerii Roland au corectat o mulțime de greșeli în VS880 EX:
<ul> - afișaj luminos
- Dispariția a termenului de "autobuz" și moduri de ciudat în favoarea semne clare (amesteca autobuz, intrare autobuz, autobuz cale, autobuz, în autobuz și de autobuz efecte de masterat)
- Selectați Butoane piese colorate (verde pentru modul de cale, portocaliu și roșu pentru modul de introducere efect mod)
- EZ rutare: sistem programabil pentru a regla setările și a reveni la înregistrare, tenis de masă, se amestecă, etc.
- 2 intrări analogice suplimentare
- procesor Efecte
- 128 de piese virtuale (față de 64 la VS880)
În cazul meu, includ utilizarea de VS, autobuze, moduri de înregistrare, de rutare de semnal, se amestecă o săptămână și mi-a cerut de mai multe lecturi ale doc.
Următoarele site-uri m-au ajutat foarte mult:
<ul> Hooks întrebări frecvente: <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"> / pagini / FAQs.html</a>
pagini Cui: <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a>
Puteți, probabil, vina manual să nu fie destul de didactic, pe de altă parte, funcția de putere formidabil și calitatea VS-880, pentru un dispozitiv la fel de compact, explică o mare parte din curba de invatare destul de mult.

<a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a>
<a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a>


The sound of the VS, in my case (I work mainly analog, except for copying tracks to PC), is perfect: great dynamic, low blows, sublime effects (I mean it), etc..

The 3-band EQ (with parametric), or via the 8-10 band parametric effects processor.

Automation is fluid and does not alter the signal.


I use the VS880EX the past two months. VS before I had a Roland D20 successively with built-in sequencer, a multitrack Fostex X26 4-track K7 and a powerful PC with a good sound card and Cakewalk.
If it is true that the PC is much more flexible editing of the tracks and on the back, there is no substitute for good big buttons and sliders to a deck like VS880EX DTD.

I love
<ul> - The accuracy of the buttons, sliders
- Features many
- 8 audio inputs
- 8 tracks
- The amount of disk space (I use the MT1 mode, which gives me 1500 minutes / Track)
- Ease of bus management and signage color (LED)
- The robustness of the plate, with the space in front to lay the palms
- And especially the two effects processors. </ul>

I&#39;m sorry
<ul> - That the faders are not motorized (when you switch bus, we do not find the faders position of the actual level).
- Configuring the MIDI sync, a little complex and stored by piece
- Only 4 audio outputs (analog or digital), I would have preferred to get the 8 outputs and 8-track master mixes to my PC. </ul>

I tested before, also my old Fostex X26 (which is a super Ministudio analog 4-track), the Sony ® 4 (four tracks on minidisc) and VS880.
When I hesitated to buy it with the AKAI 12 tracks, but the cost was well above chance.
The VS880X, I bought € 320, is a matter for the great musician of Home Studio (see what I use in my home studio, click here: %% 2Cidmembre 2C125961.html)

If I am flying or if the VS800EX failed, no doubt I was looking for the same model for sure (or maybe the 1680, plenty of tracks does not harm ^ ^).