martinc 11/09/2005

Tascam DP-01 : martinc's user review


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44.1 KHz 16-bit recorder (like CD) 40 GB hard drive. 2 mono channels recording simultaneously. 8 channel mono mixdown. 2 between asymtrique jack, Stereo analog output, SP / DIF optical, USB 2.0 for TRANSFR 2-way (Windows 2000 or XP), headphone output, MIDI sync output, plus some other connectors.
I use it to record rptitions. I put a pair of cardioid dynamic microphones in ORTF pair (capsules space of about 17 cm and an angle of about 110) in a corner of the room, I start recording, I ask the drummer to type like a deaf man, I make sure to be just below saturation, and go. 3:00 APRS j'arrte recording and I catch everything. We hear everyone and the quality of sound is correct trs. Then I isolate the pieces by editing the DP01 can I TRANSFR by USB to a PC, and APRS I encode to mp3 and send emails to pieces by the group.


There is a small driving move but it's pretty easy to do simple things, especially since the interface is not bad. For example, to dplacer in a record, you can enter a timecode value, you can forward on top of play (speed = 3 x wholesale), or to forward over stop (speed = seen against lie as long as you keep your finger on the button forward). We feel that it is a machine that does think carefully.
The biggest complaint I have is that it's long enough to extract a piece of recording and bring it to a PC, it requires a lot of manipulations, some of which are not instantaneous.
A few other small criticism: the meters are not seen prcis, the display is not clear rtro the power supply is a 12VDC power, not a big fat cord, the device is quite large I am obliged to restarting my PC/windows2000 he deigns to notice that I connect the DP01.
The manual is good, and there is also the site a quick guide Tlcharger Tascam is INTERESTED.


The quality of her good looks to me, but to be honest I have not done much testing yet.
The unit is extremely quiet. You do not hear the hard drive, there is a fan in the device but must stick above the ear to hear it. I am full of sr that users do not even taient it realized.


I use it for 3 weeks. I am far from having been around, so today I give notice forcment part, but I think it's useful when even to the extent that there is only one further notice.
A year ago I was looking for a machine to do that and in this price range I did not see a competitor, not even the new Fostex MR8 HD, who can not record a song over 99 minutes and who can not do anything other than forward or reverse speed to 3 x dplacer in a record. As for the mini recorders Stereo, M Audio has a battery that must be replaced at the factory, the Edirol has not really of mics, the D4 Kord recorded in 32 KHz (hi conversions).
I would do this choice, and then may be I would take the DP01-FX because it has XLR inputs with phantom power supply for condenser microphones set, but when I bought it n'tait not available France.