cloreen 11/02/2005

Tascam DP-01 : cloreen's user review


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I use:
- Two analog inputs (you can only record two tracks at once)
- USB output
Attention there is no phantom power supply, I use an external amplifier. For the power supply and internal effects, we must turn to the DP01FX.
For the rest of the technique, I just said that the sample is 16 bit I think we can not find the doc on the Internet. You can not choose either the sampling frequency, which must be 96 kHz I believe.

I am not a good note because I guess if it's cheap is that there is a reason.
And then 8 tracks, it's still little, and two tracks at the recording, very little, but it depends on what you want to do.


I knew the ergonomics of the tascam and it is easy to use. One can easily juggle with eight tracks available, bouncer, and get the tracks on a computer (provided you have patience to export / import the tracks on the part of the disc which exports USB)

Small disappointments: this machine is no metronome with a tempo change during the song, as does yet tascam 2488. I did not find either how to adjust the output level in the headphone of what is being recorded, I'm afraid we can not. And it's never convenient to place themselves at a desired location on the piece with the buttons that always moves too quickly or too little. M'enfin, all that is not very serious, and we can not ask for this kind of machine that does not crash the ergonomics of a computer screen. Computer I use for mixing, in any case on the DP01 no effects included.

the most: the features found in the tascam 2488: auto punch: you can choose a piece of re-record the track you want, and the machine automatically moves a little forward, and stops automatically after a few and then where you have to replace if you want to listen. I should be sorry not to have this feature.


I am very happy, especially since it is surely the rest of my string that is of lower quality ..


I use this machine since March 2005 to record primarily with a micro electro-acoustic (guitar, vocals, harmonica, clarinet, etc..), And SP100 digital piano which I use the output jack.

In summary, this machine has made me great service, and I am very attached