Tascam Portastudio 2488neo
Tascam Portastudio 2488neo

Portastudio 2488neo, Digital Multrack-studio from Tascam.

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teddyone 10/30/2010

Tascam Portastudio 2488neo : teddyone's user review


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Description: This is the successor of 2488neo 2488MkII,
The registrar, duly conjuction 2488 allows the signals arriving over 8 XLR and TRS. Each piece can contain up to 250 virtual tracks, 24 of which can be chosen for the final mix. A prmixeur allows dajouter 8 signals dentre supplmentaires mixing, or 32 signals in total. A stereo track extra fee is been planned to record the mix (pre-master)

Availing oneself of the 2488neo 4 XLR inputs with switchable power ghost (which can therefore accommodate electrostatic pickups), plus 4 between symmetrical jack moon which can be switched in High Impedance dentre for electric guitars live. Between each track and each offers a 3-band equalizer and 3 auxiliary dparts allowing dajouter effects and dynamic variations.

The functions of ddition 2488neo DDIT allow audio tracks with great precision. You can copy / paste or cut and displaces the musical sections, duplicate trails, and historic point the override / rtable can be traced back 999 steps. The tracks allow you to choose alternatives, APRS shot the best shot among the many versions of knowledge accumulated during the denregistrement.

For archiving and backup pieces, give the audio can be serious or transformed CD-R/CD-RW computer via a USB connection. You can also export the songs as WAV files, and import WAV files into mono tracks


The configuration is simple enough, I was somewhat hesitant (even thousands) to digital
but I soon adapted, the manual is clear and it happens quite easily have taken to his first
least, the screen is a bit small, the sound effects but not transcendent honest


the result is of very good quality even without mastering the beast is 100%
I like the recorder function, you do your plugs and you leave your cost cd in your car from work, ergonomics is ideal for a home studio


I use it for 7 months and I certainly do it again this election
this is not a gas plant is fairly intuitive as I'd never worked with digital nor Mao