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make it/egizu 05/30/2004

Tascam SX 1 : make it/egizu's user review


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was 9 months I use it, 16 entries for a & c's syncro (SMPTE) and the I & ador but on the 96mhz? as promised on the tin ....


The config is simple ... the manual iFrance insufisant parametriq & the Band 4??


I absolutely love the tansparance & Dynamics ds AD / DA! Moin ls are effectively trim the preamp, fx + ls than friendly


The cot soumarin! Jai 1tsr8, very good c pro with it you really save live1 grp, syncro analog recorder> vieu atari ste, synth etc ... I would do this choice? Course, but in analog c ls hit that ap you! bizar what is no one test or anything taboo c