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arx77 05/29/2006

Yamaha AW1600 : arx77's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
In terms of CHARACTERISTICS, go to the website of Yamaha France. There's even a short video of prsentation product.
All you need is currently BCAN Submitted on, until the USB plug.
T which would even better is to have another outlet for high INPED guitar / bass (there is only one). There are 8 inputs combo XLR / TRS functional, with switchable phantom power supply for groups of 4 inputs for condenser microphones. 8 tracks can be read when choosing simultanment at a resolution 24 bit, or 16 tracks in 16 bits.
In short, everything one needs to Z A to record any instrument with any microphone, up to burning the final CD.


I had a 4-track tapes before and I had a little apprhension go live on such a BCAN. But no problem even for a nophyte long as you read the manual that is relatively clear, well done, and who thought little prs explain everything. We can let go on his eyes closed: the machine will allow you to touch the sound of Manir prcise enough and play with the eq (4-band parametric), dynamics (comp, exp, etc. cps etc.), and the effects of all kinds. Everything is accessible trs, Retailer and forward the spirit "user-musician."


The pre-amps are really good quality and low What had microphones and instruments correct Fidler they hand back your game and your sound, even though crude uncorrected. There are a multitude of effects in between (used before registration) for several types of instrumentals. They are all adjustable and well penss. Otherwise, you can rework each track with APRS two effects selected from quite a number of lev adjustable effects. APRS there are library Designed for pre-eq and dynamics. It may well note that any so-rgler same and it is an obligation even when recording a group (including the battery) to find a place and a texture for each instrument . But once you DCID has to consider the bte is trs INTERESTED, fun and rewarding, as in my case my your exact adpass expectancy at!


I use it for one month and I recorded two songs with dj. What I like about this machine? Everything! since its design (beautiful, strong and compact) until its reliability and sound it can be used to head ever made! And yet I had no idea about the sound engineered by buying it. You just need some basics about the Torah (sound processing and sound recording) that can be found on the internet but it's good APRS. There may come a rsultat really well and it is especially trs has precedence. Obviously, we would like better to have 16 inputs and 16 recordable tracks simultanment to avoid merging / bouncer when you take more than 8 sources, but ... It does not exist for such a price. The report qualitprix is ​​excellent (especially since I had a good rduc above). Certainly it is an investment, but for what it is and if you have runic ncessaires funds, you can go. I would do without this choice because hsiter took me 4 months of comparisons with other creatures to dwell on it.