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wilshire 09/17/2005

Yamaha AW1600 : wilshire's user review


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All the connections for recorder numrique Espree is. For me working in home studio, 8 XLR inputs are sufficient. Sampling at 16 and 24 bits (8 tracks only 24-bit), but for me the 16 bit is perfectly suitable. The hard drive is 40gig as for most other race condition and is very quick and trs.
The three sync are supported: MIDI Clock, MTC and MMC and all trs Designed well.
(Report trs intuitive with a PC ---> Easy to exchange files via USB and perfect opportunity to accder from a PC hard drive all of the AW1600
8 Tracks simultanment registered and 16 readings in 16 bits. 8 in reading in 24 bits


APRS klecture a careful manual translated well for once, everything becomes clear and s'claire.
I had a Korg D1600MkII and loss of touch screen has a t forget quickly. The AW1600 has t pens by musicians for musicians, not crazy techniques.
All functions (the same usual!) Trs trs are available.
Manuel clear enough if you can read a manual.


For my part I find the quality converters trs good for home studio use.
Everything is contrlable etpeut fDone TRS rsultats beautiful even and especially when one is alone at the controls!
Dynamic perfectly respect it. Why deny it: Yamaha TRS is it right that cot l.


I have only been 15 days and it vritablement a pleasure to use.
The particularity of the AW1600 Pitch concenr els functions and IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A GADGET.
Offered the possibility to easily detune trslgrement taken to orchestrate two acoustic (2guitares for example) may be useful trs trs trs in many cases diffrent.
This function manquaut cruellment D1600MK2 of the particles in Korg ....
The report price is trs good quality and in addition I had the pleasure of having a rduc. I do not complain of the cot!
In 2005 to make recordings of this quality with such a price AW1600 is a beautiful thing. Inamiginable still a few years ago.
Wanting more for the home studio seems to me quite useless: If one fe nothing with such a machine even when the studio on Prince will never do anything!!