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Poet 06/10/2005

Yamaha MD4S : Poet's user review


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(Without the record before me, give me the possible errors ... or verrifiez Yamaha)

8 analog inputs (2 Neutrik Jack 6.35 - Jack XLR + 2 + 4 jack)
I / O of between 1 and 2
Between 1 only 4 usable recording.
ENTERED on May 8 dispatchable two auxiliary pairs.

3 Stereo RCA outputs (Cue, Stro Out, Monitor)
4 RCA mono out (corresponding to input signals and April 1 aprsdpart possible return I / O for 1 and 2)
2 auxiliary mono outputs

Sampling at 44.1 kHz
Atrac 3 compression (I think ...)

3 Midi connectors
2 sync media (GNR MD4s or by the collection's outdoor)

Stoquage of MD (2 tracks -> 74 min Max)
MD Data Storage (Sony 4-track -> 37 min Max)

4 tracks recordable and readable simultaneously.


It takes some time to take a beginners MD4s in hand, but the habit of mixing consoles to navigate now.

Dial The dial allows a rapid ACCS diffrent functions not directly accessible by the buttons.

The manual is a little abstract at times (especially the routing information: Cue Mix Stro ... This seen through the eyes of beginners).
A person served s'tant dj recorder will numrique by problem, and certainly no need to rfrer the manual for this.


For the price and a small model house, the converters are good. It is difficult to judge if their transparency, because the gear is connected to MD4s gnral the same order (use a small home studio, model base, ... ides), and many Points are playing synthse signal its sound reproduction.

Do not expect to have the A / DD / A with a O2R96, or Apogee (the price of MD4s infrieur is most often .... ... ;-))

No effects intrgrs.

Dynamic rather bland.


Used for 1 year 1 / 2 (circa 2000)

+ The wheel is nice, the screen too.

- The Mid qualiseur is fixed times to get a lattence endrois of MD are far too long (waste of time), and delete an MD or copy tracks ...... takes the time to a good meal .... (Yes, almost ...). And then an MD Data is 37 minutes max ... 3 or 4 pieces and it's over ....

I tried 2 MODELS Fostex MD4 and used.

Pay the era 4600 F (2000 I think you it). Currently, with the consoles avnement numriques I concerver my lil on and wait a bit.
For those who want to take little things live (two guitars, a song ...) and keep track is nice, but should not ask the moon.

MJ: For the average secondhand (300) is very nice. (I will not sell mine, which can always dpanner!), I began the note!