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FP User 10/31/2008

Yamaha AW16G : FP User's user review


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20 gigabyte hard drive, CDRW drive standard in USA, recall scenes, graphical wave form editing, timestretching, sample pads, digital io, can save your tracks as wav files via the CDRW drive and transfer to your computer for can control software sequencers with the faders and transport buttons. They packed a lot into this one will use everything and there's something for everyone. The only thing that would out do all of this would be moving faders (which is what the 2816 is)

Price paid

$1,100 USD


There's a button for all your main uses, i.e., record, eq, dynamics, effects, edit. Yamaha made this unit easy to learn and straight forward to use. The dvd tutorial helps but I found myself referring mostly to the manual when I got hung up.

Smooth faders, solid metal chasis, bright screen--all good stuff. I've used this machine at live shows and it never lets me down. The cdrw drive scares me.....i guess they had to use the laptop type due to the size of the unit....but the tray seems flimsy and pops out like a happy meal toy instead of the mechanical roll out i'm used to....never had any problems with it so, hey, i guess they know what they're doing. However, a major problem is the seems when you're working on a song and you're pressing the buttons faster than the machine can handle, it hiccups and freezes and reboots itself....only a bummer if you didn't save that last take. Happened three or four times over the course of a year. It seems to do this when you have a lot on the hard drive. Other than that no problems.


Superb. Eight analog inputs (two XLR) with 24 bit ADC's makes what you record sound full and musical. Uncompressed digital audio, unlike other popular virtual studios, is also an attribute to the outstanding sound quality. The effects are good for a unit in this price range and have many editable parameters per algorithm. The 4 band parametric eq and dynamics on every channel is the icing on the cake and cherry on top, respectively. If it can be fixed in the mix these tools will be more than adequate.


If it were a more expensive it would be nothing to call home about but for a little over a grand this machine has out performed all expectations. I would expect to pay closer to 2 grand for a machine with these capabalities. If something happened I would definitely replace it.

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Posted by: Unknown ( 7-, 2004)