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Yamaha AW16G : Anonymous 's user review


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Every nickel, except USB output ... but optik posssilbilit and record all the tracks. Wav + optical out, so there are several alternatives for the transfer of the data on PC.
For the rest, the 44 kHz converters with good trs.

Edit March 13, 2008
This stuff does a perfect quality recordings without the possibility of treatment ditions and found a good PC workstation, at least, it can make an album without bp kkun who has talent ... (which really is not my case ...)
I am now serves as the PC with the stuff you see in my profile, but I do it again this choice in the circumstances in which j'tais when I bought.
Trs right product to the proper connatre learn the basics of a recording.


Gnrale definitely the config, I remind you that this is my opinion that I did share, trs logical functions, faile understand and the manual is just as well, it MRIT the attention that must be with this kind of hardware that is overly complex.
Read it carefully ncssaire is to lose as little time as possible, and not spend ct many features and capabilities.
Seen the previous ones opinion, they have to rethink all the manual ....( esp eng French)


L is not enough of experience, I've had three days, and my exprience in Contents of the oldest is not .... but I recorded two songs, and rsultat is just perfect, knowing that I cumluler errors of beginners ..... cel suggests a bright future!!


3 days of use, + = q / p (990th, engraver available) -= inexprience my, my MODELS previous ones can not bear comparison. I bcp hsit before you buy, between any info with MOTU 828MKII, br1600CD, D1600MKII.
I am a guitarist, but with my little Roland R8, my VTX Vox, my Start, a micro 300E, I have a tip-top config to do more than note the ides, while being able to do it too ... .
My choice would be the same today.
Thank you AF aid me make that choice, that's a part I.