Zoom MRS-8
Zoom MRS-8

MRS-8, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom in the MRS series.

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earquake 10/07/2005

Zoom MRS-8 : earquake's user review


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I have this recorder for several weeks. I dropped the multi-track recording (sold April 1 Pises K7). and waited for the 8-track affordable. The software solution, I test too, but it's hell of a connection and not walk anywhere forcment (even a laptop as opposed to ads that show young white beaks concentrated squatting to their mobile branch anywhere with the guitar in one hand and the MIDI keyboard to the other) + stability problem of crashes, the noise ...

It's all 8 tracks in a box! Just plug in the guitar, headphones for monitoring and 1,2,3,4 as saying the Ramones!
The multi purpose troubleshoots well even with the presets (you can also take the lead in the settings). Distortion, overdrive, flanger, chorus, delay ... The whole point is l. The drum patterns covering needs Varis (from metal to reggae through jazz and ska) and can CRER his (black crooked system, something I prfr tracker style .. .). It is even possible to play live on the pads with his small fingers (+ bassdrum snare on one track and a second outlet / track for a cymbal does!)
the sound is good despite a good digital signature.
making his voice, I have mixed feelings even if a lot of expected effects, with a view
The only downside, the navigation menus diffreents is not obvious, it is better not not follow the manual to master the craft despite the backlit screen and we want to work on tracks stocks (punch in / out, cutting, copying and pasting, etc.). but it's doable and it is already good. A big step for humanism since the multi-K7 ...
Just a pity we can not put the card on PC and do its mix + adding effects on computer (with the multitude of software that was free ...).
I use the same object as a preamp chain (box reythme + bass + guitar effects easy toting!). Ideal for recording the ides flies!


Manuel clear but take the time to follow if no one wants to exploit all the possibilities of the machine


Good sound despite the small digital anything which offends the ears of rock ...


Essay 4 tracks K7 solution info (with VST effects). 8 tracks that passed but will not be my only tool. Excellent pure demos, setting box ides, repeated recordings, retouching passages.