Wills01 12/06/2010

Zoom R16 : Wills01's user review

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I was looking for a good multichannel super reliable for continuous recording 8 channels over an hour (recording musical theater shows).
I did not want to invest in something too expensive, because for my use is not very frequent.
I use conventional microphones for recording in rooms and I get the data stored on the SD card to move music files to my sequencer, process and mix.

In the context of my employment, there is no need for drivers. You just need a USB communication for retrieving data. No problem on that side.
Is recorded without problems on 8 tracks in parallel and continuously. I just regret that we can not cut a track from time to time. Once started recording, you can not change (it is also a safety).
I insist on the fact that every time my recording went through without flinching! (More than one hour continuously). Sounds basic but it is not so common! And to have had records cut during the show, I can say here that that really irritates!

I did not manage to install the R16 sound card on my PC with Win 7 64 bit. Given my use and the fact that I have another sound card, so I do not care so much to be honest, but I must say it did not work. The manual is well done, but the the Web site support, is very average.

I've done four shows with it. No problem to store and retrieve the sounds. So, for this purpose, it is perfect (for the price!). For cons, I think if we start to want to put effects, panning ... the ergonomics of a tiny display, it is impossible to do or a very risky operation. Then I would not recommend this one. So if you just want a reliable multitrack recorder, light, cheap and easy to use: it is the best!

Note: I see that all those who have given advise used as a stand-alone recorder and I'm not exception. As a sound card or even effects processor ... bof!