zeulot 11/28/2010

Zoom R16 : zeulot's user review

« Amazing! Really amazing »

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I needed a multi-track recorder to make some demos.

I use it only to record / bass/ guitar / vocals / drums while the mono jack. I get the sound tracks on the SD card to mix them with Audacity. I have also recovered sources via the USB port via my USB. 

The test in version to group 4 simultaneous instruments is well passed. It is super simple and intuitive. It offers all possibilities of any digital recorder. I do not use the built-in effects. They come from pedals of brands and I find them terrible .. Too bad also that there is no editing of the tracks.

Installation is easy too. Unpacking / track section / time setting and date / cover of a track in the REC mode and go!
Caution: get the updated firmware. It's simple. file download and transfer onto the SD card. At the start, the ZOOM asked to do the Update.
One small problem though! If you retrieved a source wav file and want to do another take his place, it bugs. Indeed! After registration, the Zoom will not go out and plant. Forced to cut food sector. To remedy the problem simply do not assign to that track when the new intake sound.

The manual (in English) is relatively clear. But it is complete.

I've had a few hours and I got a mockup piece comprising: drums (two tracks) / bass / guitar (two channels) / vocals and choruses.

I have tried other similar products of the famous brand that starts with a B. A nice machine too, but at double the price! Issue and value for money for a multi-track recorder x 16 ... no comment!

I am happy to have chosen this! This product is really amazing! Try it! Hurry!
It's really good stuff!