Vervon' 10/25/2010

Zoom R16 : Vervon''s user review

«  The perfect compromise »

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I think it's clear to everyone: a 8 / 16 tracks this award, calls. I am a keyboard player in a band and we had the idea to remake a demo (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard). So, 8-track simultaneous recording is perfect. Outside this, I make music alone DAW (audio & MIDI) and has been a while since I was looking for a surface to the controls. And finally, have an independent digital recorder (with integrated microphones) Is good practice for the dcortiquer cold rehearsals. So that's what I use the R16, and it is great, it's really does it all!
Incidentally, the internal effects also interest me but nothing more.
The pramps are respectable and did everything possible to catch very clean tracks. Well, let's be clear, it does not have the sharpness of a studio pro but frankly it's good.
Standalone mode is really a plus: we put the beast in the middle of the studio and presto, the microphones are integrated in their office. Be careful not to even put it too close to the drums because it is very fond of the detrimental to other instrumentals. Latest test date: making room in the studio with microphones integrated (near Drums) + bass by DI auxiliary + guitar microphone in front of the amp + with keyboard in direct+ live + vocal microphone, the whole mix and returned by the R16's sound system. It allowed me (under DAW after) to complete the ambiance with the tracks captured. Purists will find this very DIY, and they are right. But the result is not bad. 

As said my comrades in other reviews, it's a little "click-land." But hey, I got it. And the menus and submenus that worried me a little in the beginning but finally they are damn good. I got on very quickly.
Otherwise, no worries: The 8-track simultaneous recording (standalone or with a DAW), the control surface ... No worries. I pass in firmware 1.2 Without problem and 64bit drivers are impeccable on Seven (6 / 7 ms latency ad in the DAW). The chorus that appears when we superimpose the direct monitoring and return DAW and it is very light, it is a sign!

For installation, no problem.
Configuration: after a few hours to familiarize yourselves with the menus, no worries.
The manual is not bad. It is better to have the equipment on hand for testing. It's just a little light to function as a control surface. It helps to get the manual from the official site.
Incompatibility: I do not know if it did it in R16 but stuck with MIDI M-Audio UNO. One or the other alone, was fine, but both ... So when I record MIDI, I passed from the surface to the controls. That was to this day my only problem.
EDIT: everything works now. That was not the R16: it just needed to install the UNO manufacturer driver and do not use the generic driver in windows. 

I have the R16 since June 2010. This is my first portable recording digital technology and I'm so happy (to be seen above right?).
It answered all my needs in one machine.
One could blame the lack of outputs, faders not motorized, low output level of the headphone jack (that said is true that it's just a little) or the Preamps. Either. That's true. But at this price, I find this audio Swiss Army knife exceptional.