Zoom HD16
Zoom HD16

HD16, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom.

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MGR/Dave 03/05/2008

Zoom HD16 : MGR/Dave's user review

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35+ years playing guitar, performing and songwriting. Played in a garage band for a couple of years. Solo since then.

Purchased this from Sweetwater to upgrade from a Fostex VF80. I paid $700.00.

So far, there is nothing to like about this unit. The one shipped to me does not work.

When you plug the thing in, turn it on and nothing happens, there is nothing to like about the unit. For this POS I sold off my Fostex? I should have kept the Fostex and saved my money to buy a new guitar.

If this is typical of Zoom quality, I will never buy anything carrying the Zoom brand name, or the Hartke or Samson brands since they are all made by the same company.

I will never buy another Zoom product. As soon as Sweetwater sends me the Return Authorization--this is being sent back for a refund.

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