Drumisan 10/04/2011

Zoom R24 : Drumisan's user review

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One of the few digital recorder in this range to offer 8 tracks of simultaneous recording. (Used to record, among other things, an electronic drum that mobilizes already 5 entries)

Otherwise, a mixer, a recorder, a drum machine, effects guitar / bass tuner, a metronome ... all on batteries and that fits in a backpack ... nice.

8 recordable tracks simultaneously, and 24 in reading.

No problem interfacing with a PC.

Cubase (Light version) supplied. Transfer of records from the zoom without worries. Mixing end of Cubase. Obligation to purchase a plug-in (ds 20 euros from memory) to export the mix as wav file.

No test other models unfortunately. No idea if the scan is as good a solution with audio interface + computer.

- Why a single high impedance input? the idea of ​​being able to simultaneously record a low & a guitar, it's still classic (rock instead ..), right?
- Tiny screen (buy a magnifying glass ..?)
- Time (15/20 s) to resume recording (stop / rewind / Rec ..)
- Design cheap

Price OK but not as a basis for comparison.