Clavia Nord Electro 3 73
Clavia Nord Electro 3 73

Nord Electro 3 73, Digital Piano from Clavia in the Nord Electro 3 series.

mrjason 10/31/2012

Clavia Nord Electro 3 73 : mrjason's user review

« better sounds than the Electro 2 »

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The Nord Electro 3-73 has 73 keys, all of the sounds are pretty much piano sounds and organ sounds. It has on board effects but it cost 2200 bucks. That is on the higher end of most home musicians’ budget. I have used many of the synths that Nord makes, this is not the best one but it does have some really clean sounds and sweet effects. Setting up the Electro 3-73 Is not hard but it is not quick. You basically need to tell the Electro 3-73 exactly what types of stuff you are using like pedals and what kind of pedal it is.


I have used the Nord Electro 2 way before I had the Electro 3-73 and the sounds are really the only thing that is better to me. I liked the flow of the Electro 2 a little better than the Electro 3-73.


The organ sounds that this synth keyboard has are the best ones that Nord has ever had on any board they have come out with. These organs can compete with any sounding organ on any keyboard synth that has ever come out. That is how good they are, the downside of that is it lacks in the piano sounds. The piano sounds are useable but they are not as good as they should be considering how much this keyboard cost.


The feel of the keys on the Electro 3-73 have nice expressiveness and feel nice when playing. They have a little bit of weight to them but not too much for you to play your synth or lead lines with. Some people love to use the Electro 3-73 for live performances but I don’t feel like this keyboard is made for live performances because it takes a little time to set it up and get the sound that you want out of it. When I use live gigging keyboards I like to have the sounds right at my finger tips automatically and ready to go.