Clavia Nord Electro 3 73
Clavia Nord Electro 3 73

Nord Electro 3 73, Digital Piano from Clavia in the Nord Electro 3 series.

jfherts 07/10/2009

Clavia Nord Electro 3 73 : jfherts's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
cfr manufacturer ...
I do my difficult ... But a digital audio output would have really made me happy.

The keyboard keys are off-white: vintage! has given a certain charm ...


Use ergonomically gnrale trs. After a few minutes of use, we understand directly the logic of the machine. Trs is intuitive, almost all rglages are accessible in real time (same effects). No menus with submenus 456. J'apprcie, we feel that it is well thought trs ...
The touch you love it or hate it ... This is according to taste. But I think it is well suited for rhodes and organ sounds.

The app for the transfer of samples is very well also. Trs easy to use. Too bad the memory of the North is not more ... It's hard to sort out, there normment of sound quality for me.


What is impressive, it is the possibility of setting date for the libraries of samples. Everything is available on their website, and you can add or remove samples according to individual needs.

About the sounds:

- Pianos: I find it quite correct. I quite like the mdium, I find just the bass and treble a little too "small". It must be said that the touch is not IDAL for piano sounds. The very lack of expression for me. As a comparison, I have a Korg SP 100 o piano sounds are not specially ralistes (they are much more about the Nord Electro), but the expression is ... It was more dynamic game with the korg. Nordelectro with the "piano" is not enough pianos and "strong", not strong enough ... but only my opinion ...
I have all the same a little crush on the piano sound right <img class="smiley" src="" alt="wink" />

- The rhodes / wurlizer: trs also pretty ... Anything. You can have four DIFFERENT rhodes (+ a thousand well rglages sr, speaker simulation, chorus, whawha, etc ...) There is a ct "fat" is int Ress. "Supertramp" has no more secrets!

- Organ: The B3 is really fabulous. You can really tailor the sound of the organ in real time even during a song: start slowly and finish with leslie howling good saturation and very dirty ... Bleuffant enough.

- Clavinet / trs mellotrons cohrents also. Other samples (strings, synths, ...) are fairly well in Russia.

Do not expect extreme versatility with this keyboard, but the few sounds he proposes are (I think) trsrussis. Particulirement the electric piano and organ.

I should also mention I love the sound balance (my ct ingson returning): some synths tend (on the organ sounds, for example) be tr s pervasive in the low notes (bass too present) and aggressive in parts of the spectrum. Here, the lower the B3 take their place and do not sound shrill mdiums ... I would say it anticipates some small sound systems that have aggressive tendencies be particulirement in mdiums / mdiums blast.
Ditto for the Rhodes: they sound fat without being blurry ... prsences good for them.

Most of the sounds are well balance.

(A little on the overall sound of pianos: Studio trs is good, but live there is a concern of expressiveness


Trs trs very good machine thinks.

It is not super versatile, but what a sound! Lgrement sound "fat" but prcis time.

This synth works well trs in its register, say anything ...

Trs ergonomics well thought (and it is nice to +...)

This is a keyboard that is not specially cheap but the quality is gnrale. No retrogression ...