Roland RD-700
Roland RD-700

RD-700, Digital Piano from Roland in the RD series.

mica. 02/18/2004

Roland RD-700 : mica.'s user review


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Keyboard 88 keys (Progressive Hammer Action)
128-voice polyphony
sounds: 468, set up: 100
65 effects types (the XV3080)
4 reverbs
2 chorus
3-band digital equalizer
Powerful arpeggiator (45 styles)
many sliders to play tps rel
pitch bend lever
Connectivity: noon (in, out through) and a 3pedales 2output phone "really the minimum!"


The touch keyboard is a very large qualitrglable, play on relement is enjoyable whether it be a piano or other
the manual is very explicit use of the 700 rd is very intuitive, very simple (screen large enough)
an expander control with RD is very easy with a touch "midi tx"
it takes a nose can put in the manual to work its sounds, its set up but just very quickly ca


The sounds are simply gniaux!
the piano ralistes are hyper, very good nap rhodes the terrible, good bass (sounds hot)
simulated organ sounds phonic wheel (VK7 style) edition with graphic drawbars!
résumé for the sounds are very ralistes and high quality
Thirsty for more sound you have to know that there are two bays for SRX, but really there is already enough to make!
the effects are customizable and good qualitbr /> a little "jazz cat" very nice although not really usable!
small catch: brass, I do not find very convincing


I use it for over a year, and I love it!
Keyboard great scene, great look
I have a ream Fatar 1100, a p80, fp3 before buying the 700 rd: it is something else!
do it again if I should not hesitate one second, despite its price a little elevbr /> is really a very good digital piano ...

a 9 connector just for a little light for its price and a little bit high but they forget quickly when you find yourself sitting in front!