Roland RD-700
Roland RD-700

RD-700, Digital Piano from Roland in the RD series.

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MGR/Dave 12/06/2003

Roland RD-700 : MGR/Dave's user review

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Guitar Center. About $1900.00 over a year ago.

It is the closet keyboard to a piano thus far in the evolution of the things. It is the first and only as far as I know which can be used to practice on much like a real piano. The action is the best of breed. It has plenty of sounds and the usual keyboard fare but I only use a few. I guess what I mean is it is piano like. It is the only keyboard I would reccomend for those of you who are pianists and need a board to practice on when the real thing is not available. Or to play out.
And I think the action is such that it is not as harmful to your hands and wrists and other keyboards are.

I don't know midi and can never seem to learn all the complications of the thing. I can use some basic features but I know it will do so much more. Even just at the level I use it I think it is great.
It is somewhat heavy. Get a case with wheels! Stairs are tough.

Construction and quality are very very good. I've had mine a long time and it has been all kinds of places. I play in two bands and musicals and the thing gets around and has never acted up or given me any trouble.

This is the best stage piano in my mind. I would not replace it with anything else out there. I hope it lasts a long time.

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