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Roland FP-2 : Anonymous 's user review


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This keyboard has 88 piano keys, touch "piano" (actually lighter than my acoustic piano)
many sounds, some "gadgets", but the piano sounds are good. In addition they can equalize their add more reverb, and effect.
This piano also includes a bank GM2 correct to write,
The connection is good (MIDI, USB, audio out ...


I bought it for the scene (group of French songs, piano, percussions, cello and voice)
its main advantage is its weight (less than 15 kg)
The game is nice, good for a portable piano.
The manual, in English, is clear for a relatively simple machine.
(Edition of the equalizers, and effects is somewhat more complex)
It assumes even when a strong, well-designed stand


The sounds are realistic, but they must be amplified for greater depth (and serious)
For my part, my KB100 than adequate to the task.
I do not currently serves as the sounds of piano,
I think model with in home studio, especially to stay oriented composition. Operation twelve o'clock can stay focused on the comosition, with just the sequencer, without getting lost in virtual instruments that can come after


A good stage piano, portable,
pleasant to the touch (I prefer the real acoustic piano, but rare are the places that have a)
good piano sounds
a well thought out, it seems geared more towards the claviristes pianists.