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giantsteps 02/13/2006

Roland FP-2 : giantsteps's user review


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Keyboard: 88 notes, progressive mechanical hammer TL
Touch Sensitivity: Light, Normal, Heavy, Fixed)
Mode: Whole, Dual, Split (split point adjustable)
Generator: Conforms to standard "GM2"
Maximum polyphony: 64 voices
Sounds: 58 sounds in 6 groups (including 4 drum kit)
Effects: Reverb, Multi Effects (10 types), Sound Control (3 types), 4-band EQ
Transposition: -6 to +5 (in semitones)
Temperaments: 7 types (choice of tonic)
General Agreement: In 415.3 Hz to 466.2 Hz (0.1 Hz)
Rhythms: 80 Rhythms
Chord progression: Automatic or selected by keypad, programmable "User"
Recorder: 2 tracks + 1 (the rhythm)
Speakers: 2
Output power: 7 W x 2
Connectors: Headphone x 2, Line Out / Line In, USB, MIDI (In, Out), Comes with a pedal and desk + CD-ROM (USB Driver)
Options: Stand (FPS-11A), Pedal (DP-8 / 2), Expression Pedal (EV-5),
Dimensions: 1291 (L) x299 (D) x125 (H) mm
Weight: 14.6 kg


Looking for a great digital piano portable (ie around 15 kg), I was seduced by the FP-2.
I also have an upright piano Yamaha U3. My goal was not to find the touch of a piano, but to acquire an instrument for group play, easy to transport to repeat, and with attractive features, both at the sound of touch.
Given that I use, I would have gladly spent the amplification system, in exchange for a few hundred grams less! That said, I recognize that it is always useful to have an integrated amplifier (if only to "make mumuse" while the sound is turned off ;-) )


I tested in stores in the same amplification system:
- Roland FP2
- Yamaha P140
- Kawai MP8
- Casio PS-20
- Korg SP200

The FP2 this piano sounds well balanced, with good quality sampling throughout the whole (for the price!). I rank just behind the Yamaha P140. Disappointed with the MP8, the sounds of piano Grand Piano have a blatant bump in the midrange, the different variants are no more convincing.
Happens behind the Casio Roland, Yamaha and Kawai. The SP200 comes dead last, we find weak Korg on sampled piano instrument in this range over its direct competitors.
Other sounds of FP2 are more or less convincing: I find the electric piano / rhodes tend to lack depth compared to its competitors, but still very respectable. The organ sounds are not bad, to note down the "effects" to trigger the leslie. The strings are not "realistic" (even many older expander offer sound desk strings bcp more realistic) but they work perfectly in a layer behind the piano. I think Roland strongly suggests the use of strings with the sounds offered by the FP2. Special mention for the sound of voices (scat jazz), and also splits bass / drums piano. It's very fun.

Affected side:
There is some objective (realism over an upright piano) and subjective (style of play, music, etc.).
On a goal: FP2 actually touch this "light" compared to P140 and especially MP8 (whose weight is closest to a real piano). The key travel is a little weak, the rebound is nice for cons. Overall, I think it will be more popular with jazz pianists / variety as classical pianists (who certainly prefer the P140 or MP8)
The borders on the ridiculous Casio on this point. Clumsy and uninteresting at best.
The SP200 is light, pleasant but frankly away a touch of piano. I guess it could be a good choice for a musician used to playing on keyboards light and wants to develop a set of piano.

On a subjective FP2 I experienced the pleasure to play that I did not find the others. Difficult to explain. Anyway, I always came back on the FP2, smiling ... I have a FP8, is one touch attachment to Roland? That said, the FP2 is much better than the FP8, and that in every sense (touch, sound, etc.).


I have a few days, what a pleasure to play!
I was looking for a good digital piano affordable and highly portable: the FP2 perfectly fulfills its mission!
And in addition it is rather nice, so ...
I have not talked functions oriented "study": metronome, accompaniment, chord progression, sequencer that look more complete and effective. I have not explored enough to give a useful opinion on these points!

My rating:
1. Roland FP2
2. Yamaha P140
3. Kawai MP8
4. Korg SP200
5. Casio PS-20 (brrr)