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Roland FP-2 : Anonymous 's user review


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Audience: Advanced Users
88 ratings, heavy touch (?)
32-voice polyphony. Piano sound, e.pino, pad, violin, organ, voice (Hum. ...). Effects (reverb and chorus, phaser for Rhodes). I do not know if sounds are ditables.
Implmentation midi in / out (through I know)
Speaker 2 * 7 watts, 2 line out, line in and 2 (well done!).
14.6 kg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cf; for more info


In my opinion, more of a semi-weighted keys of a touch trs good quality Fatar really heavy kind. But touch is trs enjoyable (although the race of the note lacks a bit of depth). I compared it with yam just p-120 ct: the yamaha is heavier, more depressed, less bounce, the roland! The fp-2 is enjoyable trs (the sensitivity is adjustable), but it's not meant to beat up!
The config is very simple (as often in roland I must admit), the simple buttons and it plays.

Last day June 8, 2004

I did not jou of Fatar long to write such a bullshit! I do not understand matre a keyboard with no sound, and also with a touch lightweight PSE 22 kilos! ?? (Sl880?)
I do not like! (Sr business gots good!) The fp is more enjoyable.


The piano sound I liked, especially since it is well equilibrated. It is certainly not the best sample of the market but we are far ahead SERIES rd. It goes well with touch.
To the sounds of E.piano is something else I possde a Nord Electro, and the fp does not support any of the comparison (far too synthetic), but hey, this is the tr s good electric piano sounds, is raprochant of Rhodes, but the authenticity of a PM3 or North. A good point though: the effects suitable for keyboards (phaser, chorus). Tablecloths (violins or pads) are ok, but they are made to be coupled with the sounds of pianos.
In short, it is especially the piano which I boot.


I do not use it, but I tried back several hours in the store. So I do not know what is live in a mix with other musicians.
What I normment flat on this keyboard is its weight, and his piano sound correct trs.
Amplification is really a booster (scne return) and certainly not a selling point for pro musicians.
Mode "partnair session" is a little more (almost a joke sometimes).
I do not understand something: is it a tool for professionals who need to dplacer, in which case: session partnair, 2 * 7 watt, and some keyboard sounds do not prsentent intrt .
on the other hand for the amateur, these functions are superb. But the amateur does it need a keyboard too lightweight for the asking (almost DEFINITIONS) in his living room, or take it out once a year for the fte of music?? ?

I have a friend who uses the fp5 and who is rev happy, he was able to compare the two, and he said that for him there was a diffrence in touch (and weight: 22 kg for fp5).
But against, I do not know if the samples are the same?

Here is my modest contribution. M'intresse this keyboard, I expect others to notice me DCID.

Last day June 8, 2004

I could compare the fp5 for 3 hours and fp2. THE FIRST RSID diffrence in the amplification: the headphones the sound is the same but against the fp5 has a better amplification. But this should not be a CRITERIA for scne!
The touch is VERY fp5 lgrement heavier but the race of fp2 is more gradual. It diffrent the fp2 is enjoyable to play and trs trs prcis!
Finally, one of the CRITERIA that will definitely make me buy the fp2 complment in my Nord Electro is the weight.
The FP5 makes 22 kg.
I will do one second update.
10-06-04: I finally bought go to the forum.

Last day of November 6, 2004

I go to gig, it 2 o'clock in the morning ... warm notice: I cushioned my fp 3 times since I bought it. I love this keyboard and I probably would do that choice. Note a default: the tremolo effect on a rhodes is pretty bad, and it goes wrong in the stereo mix. Besides I am a happy trs ... my back too. This is the key I needed.

Updated January 10, 2005 (Happy New Year!)
Just for the notice on our answer SP200 (that I am curious to try it) I do not return to the piano sound, everything is a matter of got, but prcisons the SP200 does not split keyboard (low left hand and piano / organ, right hand). It's a lot of dtail which INTERESTED keyboards.