Roland FP-7
Roland FP-7

FP-7, Digital Piano from Roland in the FP series.

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jaava 11/24/2011

Roland FP-7 : jaava's user review

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For me by, I will compare the three keyboards that I had to find a yamaha dgx630, Kawai MP5, Korg SP250.
FP7 has a hit as more realistic, with the supports diverse it is a bit Legé but the return key will support effective and really gives the sensation of hammers.
The enchantionnage no fault is present and ds all octaves. It s not the case kawai mp 5.
The rounded end is much more realistic note, while the SP250 a metallic sound make me cringe.
J loves the sound yamaha because it allows errors to release the pedal without exaggerating the chorus.


The sonnorité is by far the most realistic of 3 (mean hammers, strings vibrate and the rather large reealité notes at the end of support) The piano is one of reealité sound delicious and can let go of his emotions. The organ's are not bad and can be played for troubleshooting as well as the string. The other sounds are to be there but are not really usable.


The piano sound is excellent. I used the on stage and am very happy, the only criticism I can make him c is the weight!