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  • Korg Concert C-340

    Korg Concert C-340 - saxoone's review


    Classical pianist 25 years expéreience ... So super annoying on the piano sound and touch. I too tried LOTS of material before I decide to buy the Korg, I wanted a digital piano with headphones for use with a budget of less than 1500 €. UTILIZATI…

  • Roland RD-700GX

    Roland RD-700GX - hubeaugoss's review


    See site roland UTILIZATION Super hit, but I'm not speaking for 15 years, I never put Aillerie post, but I held for the first time has put on this keyboard I have acquired three months ago, and I was filled for the first time in terms of instrume…

  • M-Audio ProKeys 88sx

    M-Audio ProKeys 88sx - nakajima67's review


    Notes 7 octaves 1/4-88 A lot of sounds available Audio Connectors bad because the keyboard is not amplified, it should be connected to an outlet. UTILIZATION The touch is not bad but is not suitable Aun pianist base. It is not at all in my us…

  • Roland FP-4

    Roland FP-4 - tristan1's review


    See below UTILIZATION Keyboard enjoyable, good adquate with the sound of piano. Can be a little soft / light for a study of piano (my use) Simple setup to play a sound with a mtronome or drum track. To save presets or a piece (2-track record…

  • Yamaha Clavinova CLP-330

    Yamaha Clavinova CLP-330 - Chroune's review


    - How many sounds, effects available? 14 sounds, 4 effects (chorus, reverb and adjustable ,...) but also affect Room,, .. - What connections (audio, MIDI pedals ...)?... USB Midi UTILIZATION - The touch keyboard is it nice? Should your use?…

  • Roland RD-300SX

    Roland RD-300SX - funkygroovyrhodes's review


    Features dj dcrites. For rsumer, it is a Stage of Roland, 88-key hammer bank with classic sounds: piano and EP / Organs good or very good quality and then the rest (tablecloths, guitars, brass) that are unusable on stage (and even less in the studio)…

  • Yamaha CP300

    Yamaha CP300 - cacouab's review


    The CP300 is the successor to the line of P500 or P250 numriques pianos. It is a very heavy instument but if we must suffer to bring the boiler so it's a sacrifice worth it. UTILIZATION The feel is more pleasant than the CP33. SOUNDS The soun…

  • Korg SP-250

    Korg SP-250 - lolo19330's review


    Without going back over every feature of the Korg SP 250, I'll just leave my impression on the positives and negatives. Above all it is worth noting that I am an amateur pianist, I take courses for 1 year and I have the Korg sp 250 for 6 months. …

  • Korg SP-250

    Korg SP-250 - hugovinit's review


    88 keys, thirty sounds, stereo output, midi, sustain pedal included. UTILIZATION The touch of this piano is portable real quality, which approximates closely to that of a real piano, on this point, I put a big +! The SP250 is very clear, no nee…

  • Suzuki HP 3

    Suzuki HP 3 - ji.jo1's review


    Hello I just bought this piano learning and I am satisfied. the vendor itself was pleasantly surprised at the sound quality and workmanship for prix.599 € The features available on its website. attention instructions in English not yet availabl…

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