Yamaha P-80
Yamaha P-80

P-80, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the P series.

Nico65 05/19/2003

Yamaha P-80 : Nico65's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
88 keys hammer touch
some effect (although unnecessary, what)
intrssantes some functions, such as backup or not some Settings, volume mtronome ... all that is in use piano, which
4 effects of rverbration
MIDI in, out, to host

... It's nothing short of a synthtiseur is not the goal either

how it should turn on the P80 weekly to avoid losing rglages? what century they live at Yamaha? at the same time so I did not ssay; =) and then my K7S5A suffers from the same syndrome (the computer will understand), so it feels less alone =)


the mtronome Intgr is really welcome to work, and the volume is adjustable

the manual is clear. It is not used much, except to touch functions as a notch with 3 characters, it can no longer incomprhensible

touch is simply excellent, I say more? some say that the feel of the P80 is a bit too heavy, compared some acoustic pianos. I would like to know what they're talking about acoustic pianos, touch my Petrof 1 / 2 is much heavier (but not a REFERENCE, I know)
I found myself touching neither too heavy nor too lightweight. Training for a piano, a bit heavier ca t have even better, but I quibble. The P80 touch the heaviest of the market for pianos numriques, probably the most raliste too. Touch GH (keys heavier in the bass that AIGS) also works wonders


Only the piano interests me for the rest follow the advice of others. There are four pianos (grand, classical, jazz and rock), with a variation for each piano.
Trs frankly classical piano is average, it sounds too dull to be raliste (is it closed?). As for the piano rock, I do not see any acoustic piano can sound like that, trash. It remains the largest and jazz (and variations), both excellent

Some criticize the P80 sounded dull and distant. I play piano on a tail 1 / 2, I do not at all the distant sound. Mat, this dpend especially your system amplification. I had about the results and ways of HiFi headphones low-end, but with my Sennheiser HD200, the brightness of the sound is made raliste (especially since it is adjustable)

The effects of 4 rverbration, an adjustable level of 0 20, are good trs
I ssay to end the 64-note polyphony, without success: =) more than enough, so.

What is missing still numriques pianos is an option "open piano / half-open / fermquot; for piano line ...

The sound is so good with prcis Systm of costs, which I just make comparisons with an acoustic (which is pretty silly, I grant you). Well I found the excellent REPRESENTATIVES Stereo sound, cd we really feel that the strings of strikes are Agues right of our position. As against the Aiges are a little weak. Some affect / agreements sound a little dsaccord too. But still the quibble I; =)

The effect of sustain pedals is trsraliste my taste, except on tail Most recent internship piano notes do not touffoir because the strings are too small, which n ' REPRESENTATIVES is not here. Obviously it's a dtail

And for that matter it is a pity that we can not add or mute pedals, or pedals support. I did almost never used in 9 years of piano, but shame about same; =)


I had this weekend, but it is enough to rate a pertinant

I ssay the P60, which did not say more than that, with its 32-note polyphony and its clearly inferior

I was looking for a piano with the best feel possible, to train and play a little in my studio, I trouvbr /> Hit OK, its OK ... all OK

To finish off the gadgets: trs is also beautiful, with its red lupiottes and buttons positioned on a stand black against a white wall is ca trs "design / home studio", =)) Finally, it is solid with ca trs shell mtal immitation PVC (I test for you, he fell into the car ;=)). Obviously, do not do a crash test with either, hammers n'apprcieraient not, and the keyboard is absolutely not being protected, therefore it is the point to be careful in the dmnageant (if someone offers me a flight case ...; =))

Report qualitprix excellent, all fawn he better feel, then the choice is quickly made when it was my needs. One can only hsiter with P120, or choose to wait for the P90