Yamaha P-80
Yamaha P-80

P-80, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the P series.

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Fred160656 07/29/2002

Yamaha P-80 : Fred160656's user review


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88 keys, 12 sounds + direct variation (v) (4 + 4 (v) acoustic pianos, 2 + 1 (v) electric piano 1 (v) steel drum, 1 + 1 (v) harpsichord, a string (a (v) a delay (v), two organs, one positive, Jazz Organ 2 (v) changes the speed of the leslie) Acoustic Bass (with cymbal v)) patiellement ditables (resonance of the table for piano , brightness, effects).
There is also the posibilit to select two sounds at the same time allowing the effect interressants like Piano + Strings delayed (with the possibility of rgler the level of sound from the other
Effects: reverb (4 acoustic), delay, tremolo, chorus
Snsibilit possibility to change the keyboard depending on the game the pianist (hard, medium, soft and off)
I / O midi in / out, Analog Stereo, to host, two headphones, pedals Sustain
Only ENTSO no controller (pitch and modulation) that could make this a good piano keyboard control.


The touch of this piano is exceptional in the opinion of three of my friends are pianists really feel like play on an acoustic piano.
The configuration is simple gnrale, changing paramtres noon, split keyboard is much less and requires a careful reading of the record quite well done also.
Easy to use two-way sequencer unfortunately does not allow to export via the MIDI out.


The sounds are all usable and trs good bills (I regret that there have no longer used in Jazz Vibraphone the Steel Drums).
The sound palette ranges from classical (piano, strings, harpsichord, organ) at Jazz (electric piano (Rhodes, FM) Organ (Hammond), bass.
The effects are subtle and well-adjusted (the tremolo or chorus on Rhodes are perfect.
The play the piano as he Pernet excellent reproduce every nuance of the game especially through the MIDI (if you drive a sampler or virtual external Halion, Kontakt, GigaStudio)


We use (my son and I) this keyboard for the past 18 months, two of my friends are buying APRS pianists have to try at home.
The ASUS Update main criticism I do other keyboard of this type is especially trsmdiocre touch on some models (which include many more sounds pout) only to compete in this area is the Kawai MP 9000 .
If I had to buy a piano now my choice would be the new MODELS P 120 or P 120 S, which Yamaha has made amliorations, new sounds even more Ralite, but slightly more expensive .
A great choice !!!!!