Yamaha Clavinova CLP-130
Yamaha Clavinova CLP-130

Clavinova CLP-130, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the Clavinova CLP series.

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EthanVanGuard 05/04/2014

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-130 : EthanVanGuard's user review

« A great piano »

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Regarding the features, I filled the specs but I forgot to mention the inputs and outputs:
MIDI: In, Out, Thru
RCA Out, Jack In and Out
2 headphone outputs.

An advantage: Transposition of internal recordings or MIDI sequences with the TRANSPOSE key + up/down.

A rather satisfying number of (very) interesting sounds and variations. Comprehensive connections, which I use to sequence this piano with my MPC 500.


There's no sorcery. Nothing requires more than five buttons, except maybe accessing sequenced songs based on sounds, but I never use that.
The TWO headphone outputs are very well thought-out because they allow me to hear what I do/improve while I record on my PC.
Everything is written on the piano, the only difficulty (?) is that yous must learn how to read first. I have never read the manual and I even wonder if there's one, because I have never seen it =D
You can record two tracks that can be simultaneously played back at the same time you are playing! It's magical, isn't it? However, I strongly recommend a metronome, obviously! Because it's a recorder and not a sequencer, so you shouldn't complain.

I like the keyboard a lot but, not being a pianist, I find it hard to pronounce more categorically.


For techno producers like me, buying such a piano is a crazy idea because it's quite a sum for "only" 28 sounds.
But these 28 sounds are already enough for a piano of this category and they are Extremely POWERFUL sounds, Punchy and, especially, original. Even the sounds of the Korg T3 are nothing compare to these. The E.Piano 1 is gone, I don't find it ANYWHERE. However, I love to use it...

There are 14 sound buttons plus an on/off variation for each, which makes 28 sounds in total:
Grand Piano 1/Variation
Grand Piano 2 (plus bright)/Variation
E.Piano 1/Variation it's MAGICAL!!!!
E.Piano 2/Variation
Vibraphone/Variation (Marimba)
Church Organ (small organ) / Variation (grand organ)
Jazz Organ/Variation
Guitar (nylon)/Variation (steel)
Woodbass/ Variation (+ride)

Effects aren't used with knobs and faders (except mellow/bright) but with push-buttons, which is nevertheless more than enough. Their quality is irreproachable. I particularly like the tremolo on the vibraphone, the GrandPiano2 and Guitar(steel).

I don't use the reverb.


Before making techno, I made ambient and industrial music. The sounds are unparalleled and powerful to the point that my ambient music came almost exclusively from this piano
I have now used my ambient recordings to make techno and it works PERFECTLY!! I can achieve really dynamic stuff when I mix them with drum machine loops I downloaded, all with the help of Audacity. With FL11, they sound very good as well.
I've been using this instrument for 4 years. If I ever had to, I would buy it again without hesitation.

Unbeatable value for money.
I cannot complain about the dimensions, since it isn't larger than an 88-key upright piano (although less tall), the connections are very well conceived, the recording quality is impeccable (on the piano and my PC). I give it 10/10.

An example of the strings and the e-bass:

Enjoy! I'm sorry I can't give you more examples for you to hear!