E-MU Audity 2000
E-MU Audity 2000
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kaos2323 12/17/2006

E-MU Audity 2000 : kaos2323's user review


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CF Cyber ​​Fred!

I would add is that they are not a bank but Wavetable sample of 'ordinary' (no summary to the Korg Wavestation or the Waldorf).
For those who use samplers EMU depayss you will not be to the extent that a variation is 'down' of the EOS (no possibility of sampling quasimment but there are all the same functions and organization ). In short it is serious and well organized;)

A small note again: Beware of the adjustment knob that as the full range EMU is fragile and capricious ... so check before buying!


No comment is the EMU: a clear and irrefutable logic even if programming via the menus is not always very friendly ... Having said that still allow the knobs to make it easier to some extent even if it's in a game in real time they take their full dimension! For a sample player we still Largent did worse! ;)


For sound I Dedis this machine to tablecloths and sequences. Leads can be quite acceptable but the relative softness of the filters does not 'have to tear everything goes' and I would say it is rather in the register of hypnotic sequences / pads heady she excels. The delusions can arpeggio quite interesting and the fact that most of the controllers can etrent synchroniss can make sounds scalable wish!

Excellent for Ambient passages or fill 'holes' in a piece a little empty, minimalist! At least for a synth 'sample player' the results are amazing and stand out. on the other hand do not expect a Analog Modeling Synths: the is not the purpose!

For the overall sound of the machine is rather 'cold' for EMU ... rather not say 'digital' but this is not a fault per se, just a characteristic of the machine and on the ground allows for example a texture changing nicknames analog synths!


9a is 4 years that I use and it is an attractive machine. All prods do not appeal but it makes me proud when I use services.

If you have high ambient or electronic music 'trippant' is a purchase that I recommend if you are in need of cloths and sequences 'chelous' on the move and never be too aggressive!