E-MU Carnaval
E-MU Carnaval
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HouseNation 01/21/2007

E-MU Carnaval : HouseNation's user review


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A little festive snuck in my home studio very serious and a great breath of fresh air filled my lungs (especially my ears). Let me reassure you right away, Carnival does not blow (except perhaps his first birthday later this year in Rio). It is rare that a manufacturer is likely to release a sound module dedicated to a style as precise as the Latin American music is very probably the first time. What a pleasure to find the sounds that made us like Tito Puente or even Ray Baretto and all the others. No doubt that Carnival will not duplicate any other synth in your set up, so the sounds are new (albeit traditional) and properly calibrated. Ear unaccustomed to this style of music, we can always start from the Beat Mode, also present in the Proteus, to launch improvisations taste of summer vacation. After reviewing the more than 630 presets (including stacks of sounds and drum loops), there is more than plenty to choose from, provided, however, to have a musical sensibility that accommodates this kind of music. The programming is identical to that of a Planet Phatt, so that an Orbit v.2.0, and the work of super-strong filters should satisfy the most difficult. Let's use these lines to remember that Proteus are 32 channels polyphonic and multitimbral of 16 channels. It is understood that in the case of Carnival, there will be serious enough to arrange a song in the spirit of salsa, samba, bossa ... I forget the others! Waveforms, less numerous than in the Planet Phatt, There are 282, which, in itself, is honorable. This expander really brings something original with its warm tones and accurate and drum loops are a feast for improvisation. Except with different versions of the software arrangement of Band in a Box from PG Music where there was Latin styles, and then back to the old Roland TR-727, we had not yet had the pleasure to rub shoulders with the countries of Central and South America so close! Released on the occasion of the twenty-five years of the firm, one can imagine what state of euphoria among the developers of E-mu should be designing this module! This may happen less often on the other side of the Pacific ...

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