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E-MU Carnaval
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spritnoirr2 11/11/2006

E-MU Carnaval : spritnoirr2's user review


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As its name and its color indicates, caramba! Ayayaïe! Que tal? Muchacho! This is a rack that mettera, in theory, composed of Latin in your ...

Levels characteristic BHA, is the 1u from E-Mu. Nothing to die for, not gripe. All is well.
_ 3 stereo outputs (Main, Sub1, Sub2)
_ Trio noon (in, out, through)

on the other hand, in America we do sounds not to be over 640 presets (384 ROM, 256 RAM)!!

Clearly, the traditional functions found on most racks that time, namely:
_ 32-voice polyphony
_ 16 parts multitimbral
_ Sounds Editions
_ Mode "Beats" (pretty simple and fun)
_ Ability to overlay sounds
The engineers who designed this little Mexican was to have eagle eyes because the screen is so small it should not be too far away or else ... Beware the eyes narrowed suddenly tense. Apart from this contrast is good.

He is correct, the connectors are reliable and good, small bottles and color extravaganza, it does not come out of the ordinary.

In short all we ask for a solid foundation.


When he starts to tickle the banjo, its use may seem at first a little spicy. But the most piquant is the manual. Unclear or incompréhansible.
It's like a record of furniture from home Aim. The first pages of inventories are good, but the other pages are dignent drawings by Picasso. "Once you complete the installation to take full advantage ... yada yada yada ...". In short, all is to understand! And for the regulars of MPCs languages ​​MSB / LSB, good luck ... I find everything except that!

At last account, the manual is useless and you disappoint the machine before trying it.
The second disappointment comes when you realize that the keyboard is divided into several parts. There is such a moitiée on which there are several samples on each key, and the other half for a piano ... It cuts the inspiration of the musician and it Pencho fustre unable to take advantage of 5 octaves of any string instrument / wind / or other!
Then editing is simple and complex sounds, to do what is easy ... To understand ... It is mental and the heat very well serve as the manual fan!
The interactivity of this Bécanne Atrai is not because of its small screen. It is not easy to do this language worthy of a text from two lines and some characters have to explain a complex thought.
Because of this rarity, dear friends researchers new properties sound, you will feel alone in your quest for information because, as confirmed by the subjects of the forum of this beast ... Many people have died trapped, isolated in the desert aid ...


However, we expect all looking forward to hearing the fiesta! And when the branch we want the sound that intoxicates us and flows like the tekila ...
But ... How to say ... We're a little tipsy but not drunk. The sounds are not bad or wrong, there are just tiny.
The Kicks, the Snares, Trumpets, keyboards ... Sounds sound card! Mamamia!

So it is well aware that the wealth of countries in Latin America is the appointment but that the heat should do it is not clear.

It's a shame but not a inconveniant.

Let me explain, there are a lot of sounds but this is the E-MU, that is a lot of samples. The instruments are very varied, among them one can count:

_ The Piano dry.
_ The synthetic organs.
_ Trumpets
_ The beats (typed salsa, tango etc)
_ Accordions
_ The sound effects
_ The whistles
_ Voices
_ Ect

Everything is there and very few are worth to be removed, if not useless cries of "salsa", "Que tal", "Carnival" ect. Who are there for the sole purpose of enabling E-MU to include "640 Presets (384 ROM, 256 RAM)" on the box ...
Now it all depends on what one wishes to make. For the composition free of all conraintes and small budgets, it can go.
For fans of headlock and research original music, as this tries to be honorable SpritNoirr I am, it's a good plan. This expander is handled with the usual, quite easily, so you can dial quickly. Then later, surrounded by samplers, one resamples each sound to have the desired potato ...

The Beats in an Akai S950, Ensoniq melodies in a ASR10 some effects in a MPC, it reworks the general elements with effect modules type DP4 + or Glory Comp and even Pro Tools ...

In short you have to like it to head out for a powerful sound like a pepper!
For those looking for a good, heavy, simple, powerful and cheap, go to the side of Roland with the Latino card extension. There are two times less sound but they are twice as interressants and usable. E-MU's next Eco +, y 'is too much, but it is dirty cheap!

Now, in terms of effects. They are also practical and efficiency than the MPC 1000. Ie casi-no. The reverbs and other stuff is too bad phones and dynamic. One has the impression that by pushing one can loose a ball of tin in an iron room. This is not the top ...

Its quality is confirmed as the food. Judgement alternates when we tasted other higher quality and more refined. If we always eat at a canteen Flunch Deguelle be found. If you eat always Fougets ... It ingnore Flunch that is the name of the restaurant.
In short this is not the Carnival of the tropics to the sound level. I think it's a good complement to a proper config and especially when you want to dial without taking the head to get the sample you want. Here there is everything, but everything remains to be done.

It's a good basic sound to sangrilla.


I use it since September 2006, I had delivered for 70 euros!! In addition to Australia!

And even if Skippy brought me a little coyote in my rack I scraped the slippers to see if I was going to sell it.
And then, almost everything, it does not hurt my samplers Taff a bit ...
In fact, I had no place in my Roland jv2080. I have 8 cards extentions and it took my mind to buy either a 880 or keep the time to put my 1080 card extant Latino. Also, I wanted to test other sounds ...
I had been warned about E-MU, I'm not disappointed.

It is a good compromise if you want to put little, and above all be a lot like working.
I know a price as I had no in France and for fans of these sounds I think 250 or 300 euros may be reasonable for the expander rare, practical and reliable.
With the experience I remake this choice, of course for the price / quality ratio, the number of sounds and the desire to want to improve the sound possibilities of this beast.

As Hip Hop music producer, I do not use every day of the expander. This is not a key in my config 'but rajoutte a touch of sunshine!

Ayayaïe! Muchacho! Get out the castanets! Now you know the opinion that under my sombrerro!