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E-MU Planet Phatt
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HouseNation HouseNation
Publié le 01/21/07 à 16:17
See how last.


See how last.


See how last.


Planet Phatt

The disc is scratched: this is the first observation after listening to the demo ... The presence of scratches and other crunches perfectly evoke the era of vinyl. Both the Orbit was very dance-oriented, both the Planet Phatt groove on the side "east coast" - certainly not for nothing that the manufacturer calls it "The swing system." Moreover, in the famous Beat Mode, the majority of loops oscillate around 90 to the black, that says it all! With 480 waveforms, 250 for batteries (counting scratches and percussion), this unit is full of groovy sounds over each other. The programming is very classical and we can note that compared to the original Orbit, Planet Phatt is the version 2.0. On the agenda: the long-awaited opportunity to pass on drum loops (with mini-sequence of instruments) via MIDI! Three modes are available (Master page): no transmission, transmission only to the MIDI Out to play instruments without internal, and the same thing while playing the instruments internal. So we can recover the loops on the computer or sequencer workstation and edit it by taking advantage of the power of such tools. This is also very convenient to analyze the grooves and deduce custom quantization grids. Let us briefly recall what the Beat Mode: we are dealing with a mini sequencing of events as part of pre-programmed drums, bass, a few chords (themselves triggered from the keyboard as "chord memory") . We can change the pitch, tempo, key trigger, stop, mute from a keyboard. These calibration parameters are stored in locations users. This system, introduced with the Orbit, has the advantage of being extremely simple to implement: Pressing both buttons simultaneously on the front (ie Master and Edit) and you're done. Then it will handle all the keyboard or even with the talented Launch Pad (chronicled along the orbit), the famous remote control packed with tricks that allows a true real-time control of the main bodies of Proteus . As usual with E-mu, the demos are not up to the content of the devices and we can only advise to listen carefully to the presets to get an accurate picture of the many sonic possibilities of the Planet Phatt.

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