E-MU Planet Phatt
E-MU Planet Phatt
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LeChatMechant 10/21/2004

E-MU Planet Phatt : LeChatMechant's user review


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E-mu Planet Phatt Specifications

Type: Synth / Drum-machine / module /
Synthesis Type: Digital ROMpler with 8 MB of ROM
Max: 64
Typical in use: 32
Multi-timbral (number of shares): 16
Controllers: everything (it rocks!)
Number of FX units: 4
Number of different effects: 30
Drum Section:
Number of Drum Kits: 20
Number of Drum sounds: 350
Number of Keys:
Can send on 16 simultaneous MIDI channels
Responds to: velocity, aftertouch
Sounds Can Be split by: velocity, keyboard
Patches: 364
Inputs and Outputs:
Number of Audio Outs (EXCLUDING Phones): 3
Number of Audio Ins: 3
Number of MIDI Outs (EXCLUDING Through): 1
Number of MIDI Ins: 1
Comments about the sounds:
The Sounds are priceless and everyone Needs to get one.

Sounds to check out:
PhattBoy, Pantene Slut Face, Rock1, koolio, TripMeUpSkotty, Flock Me Amadeus, Ohhhh, Skracth, And the best sound of all time is Burrito Butt


Manual in English or German.
simple config without reading the manual.


Sounds are trs typs 90's. The drum kits are nice and have a good potato.


A rack of nice sounds if touched at good prices. I'm still not all in the bowels of the machine hack lice. An amended notice and complete in a few weeks.

Useful because you can run a beat drums and play lead on it.
I like the flashy purple faade too.