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Moz@rt 01/04/2005

Korg NS5R : Moz@rt's user review


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Hi all, I use the NS5r dj for over a year and I agree dj perfectly. Very compact and really trs heavy, it is ideal for dplacement. Genre repeat with several groups and els instead of repeating there is already a keyboard at my disposal so I do not need to take mine, I just had to take a MIDI connector and cable for power supply and the Expender is ready to operate. I have so far not used its possibilities with a PC, having been OCCASION I had no software or cable allowing me to a. I cre my sounds, edit, and finally I do everything via direectement Expendables. One of his practice is his cot input (dual RCA) very handy if you want to connect another keyboard and want to limit the number of cable connected to the mixing desk.


With regard to its use even when it is more convenient in the studio or live. Indeed his wheels for a willow is the one passes from one sound to another can not make jumps between sounds, I chose to put my sounds have a cot for the other together via the 32 channels available to and after Next and Solo, I know that it was far from the meileur method to use but for which I live This was to find more convenient. For studio recording is the small t is adapted BMOL be only sounds are not class! of a sound at the other one goes from a lead sound sound strings, get out there r no secret j'ia ComenC listen by all sound and there! j'ia and not on paper sounds that I liked by CATEGORY but as a measure of one remembers coordinate sounds anyway. Finally it was not very practical for this cot l.


For me his strong point! I am Precipitation Occurred buy my old keyboard with cann one week before a concert I had to find me something, I fell on the second hand and I was blindly buy anything, everything that Q'uo I knew was there were piano, strings and lead (the March 3's I use most). While I was testing I could not believe it! Pianos and lead sounds are still not clean and beautiful but are STRINGS are PURE WONDER, really, AISIN kits that batteries are really very ralistent! and sounds completely unique, at least I do know the issue qulifi but really it sounds totally sduit me! I really impresion to have a symphony orchestra at my fingertips and a Roland TD-20 sound with my batteries.


The purchase is still a very good investment for me, I recorded my album from him entirely (Drums, Piano, Strings, Lead, Flute and TElement more) relative to its selling price is the killing, finally I am really very personal content.