Docteur Frog 05/06/2002

Kurzweil PC2R : Docteur Frog's user review


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1 Rack Unit - Deriving the sound characteristics of the K2600.
Polyphony: 64 voice real - expandable to 128 voices (optional PCX-1)
MIDI: 16 channels in reception, 4-channel broadcast. Function Rack / master
Sound: Internal Voices - MIDI Setup (4 zones) - KB3 (emulator sounds of organs hammond tone wheel type (r) B3 and others.
In terms of ons, I do not do the article ... KURZWEIL it!
The sounds are editable from the control surface.
Two stereo effects processor 24-bit type KDFX Kurzweil (40 plugs of different reverbs FXA, 400 + effects FXB), all cabins and Leslies and perceived FXA / B. ..
2 audio outputs jack6.35mm symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on the connector.
SPDIF digital audio output (S / PDIF or AES 44kHz 48kHz)
4 arpeggiators synchronous (local, MIDI clock) or asynchronous
Midi In-Out-Thru/Out
Alim external owner to avoid ground noise.
Price: around 10-000F


Easier would be difficult ... 3 modes Internal Voices (programs), KB-3 (programs organs phonic wheel) and MIDI Setup (MIDI combining ability of 4 zones simultaneous internal / external)
Editing is intuitive and uncomplicated no.

Regarding the manual in French, I am the translator so it's not my place to say whether or not the manual is clear ... (Smile) KURZWEIL


. I said everything.
More realistic devienjt it difficult. The sounds of pianos under the specifications of the biggest bills Pianos in the world are monumental. Why slam in sub CD Roms Pianos sounds when everything makes sense in ROM in the PC2 ...
Side effects: dual stereo 24 bit processor type KDFX.
For fans of the genre, such as R versions PC2 PC2 and PC2X keyboards, you can use the option ROM for K2600. Indeed, the map ROM1-PC, 16 MB, which includes the option of CONTEMPORARY ORCHESTRAL and K2600 will be available from May 2002. A second ROM will be available in October.


NOTICE to all those who want to work with most sound library in ROM. PC2 Rack is a monster of realism and dynamics. The drum kits are incredibly efficient, the sounds of pianos (Steinway & Sons (r), Boston (r) Fazzioli (r), ...) are a delicacy and warmth of sound copy.
Take a tour of what happens in this kind of sound module / expanders and come back, we hear about it :-)
Dr. Frog